Out of the Sea

In the darkness, a cold, wet, naked man shivered, sprawled out on the shore. He opened his eyes, only for a moment, as consciousness came flooding back to him. The world was completely dark and hazy, but as the brisk air ran over his body, he could feel that he was outside. Waves crashed gently nearby, and the wind rustled the trees, filling his ears with the sound of white noise. Disoriented, he closed his eyes again.

He started to shake violently as he drifted in and out of hellish nightmares. Flashes of unrecognizable faces screaming in terror. There was a glimpse of light, and then complete darkness. These visions would have persisted for some time, but suddenly the night sky lit up. So bright that, for a brief moment, it was lighter than daylight. The flash was followed by the sound of a distant explosion.

Startled, the naked man suddenly sprang up, breathing heavily. His hands sank into the sand, and he became coherent enough to piece together where he was – on a beach. As he thought a moment longer, he also realized that he had no recollection of who he was, or where exactly he was, so he began having a panic attack.

A loud ringing noise filled his ears. However, besides the calm and soothing sounds of nature, everything was pretty quiet. In his panic, he yelled out, but then quickly shut up after realizing his potential mistake. What if he wasn’t alone? He looked around cautiously as he stood up in a defensive stance. Tears began to stream down his face. He knew something was horribly wrong. Every instinct in his body told him he was about to die.

It was impossible to see anything. The world was unbelievably dark, and his eyes weren’t adjusting. In fact, they almost seemed to be getting worse. He looked up into the sky, and noticed only a few tiny specks of light. There used to be more than the eye could count. And where was the moon?

He knelt back in the sand and curled into the fetal position to try and get some warmth. It was so cold that he started to shiver uncontrollably. He felt around, but there was nothing. If he stayed naked on the beach much longer, he would probably freeze to death. He was afraid to move, but knew that he had to do something.

There wasn’t much time to think, because in an instant, from far away, and what appeared to be deep beneath the sea, a ball of light came into view. It was growing larger by the second, as if it were rushing towards the shore. It was approaching quickly. Suddenly, the man was alert and transfixed in horror. This has to be a dream, he thought. But it feels too real.

Out of the sea, waves shot hundreds of feet into the air. They glowed bright as beams of light reflected, broke out, and pierced the mist. Electric bolts crackled down through the water. The ball of light could be seen from high inside of the waves. It was so bright it was almost blinding. An ominous, high-pitched wailing sound began to emit from what seemed like the ball inside the water. Scared to death, the man started crawling backwards as quickly as he could, locking his eyes on the glowing, now howling eruption of waves. He felt grass, and was quickly covered in brush.

Then, from the glowing wave, he realized it was more than a ball of light. A giant reptilian head emerged, attached to what seemed like a long serpentine body, the end which couldn’t be seen. Still stunned and in shock, the man watched the monster snake survey the beach. It was incredibly majestic, as its entire body pulsed all ranges of the light spectrum. The head was the brightest part, as its single eye shone as strong as a sun. In the center of its eye, though, it could be seen, a piercing pupil, like a black hole staring directly into your soul. Its sheer power caused thunderous sound waves to pulsate from its mass. The scales on its body glistened and reflected the internal glow, sending every ray of the spectrum to pierce the night, and rotating with each movement.

Fearful that it was about to spot him, terror took over and the naked man jolted off in a sprint as far as he could into the dark brush, which had now been illuminated a bit by the monster’s glowing body. As he ran, the monster wailed again. He figured he had probably been spotted and picked up his pace even more. The adrenaline was pumping through his body. Now that light had returned, his vision became incredibly keen. Once he had spotted the first tree, he was behind it.

He peered carefully around to see if he could catch a glimpse of the monster. His heart sank. To his surprise and disappointment, it was right there. It had stretched its head all the way down the path he’d taken. Paralyzed in fear once more, the naked man clung to the tree, praying that he wouldn’t be noticed. But it was no use. The creature had some sort of sense, maybe it could smell him, and an electric charge shot from its body, vaporizing the tree in an instant.

The naked man was completely exposed, and his back was now on fire after receiving some of the blow from the monster’s strike. He winced, reaching back to touch it, and noticing that there was a large gash. Overwhelmed by the pain and the experience, he lost consciousness and fell to the ground again, hitting his face hard on dirt and ice-cold stone.

As soon as he’d collapsed, the serpent had stretched its head to where the man lay. It picked him up by his leg and began retracting its head quickly back to the beach, and the sea where its body was still submerged. Within seconds, the man had been dragged under the water, and it would only take a minute before he would surely drown.

However, the monster stayed close to the surface, and quickly set off along the shore. The naked man had come to after hitting the frigid water, which was piercing his skin like needles. He was now desperately holding his breath and trying to break free, while the monster’s glow illuminated the sea. His skin was tingling, not only from frozen numbness, but with a strong electric current emitting from the serpent’s touch. He felt like he was being electrocuted to death, likely not helped by the fact that they were underwater.

The nightmarish visions returned as hundreds of faces rapidly appeared in front of his face. He was starting to give up, when from what sounded like deep below, a roaring rumble echoed through the water. The naked man panicked even more in his intense discomfort, with one final burst of energy. There was a muffled boom, and then he was suddenly free.

As he drew near to the surface, he could hear the giant serpent monster wail. This time, however, it a less ominous shriek. Now, it was much more pathetic. It seemed as though there was something else in the water, something that had possibly attacked the monster and distracted it. As soon as he was above water he filled his lungs with air, and, like his arms were propellers, broke into the largest strokes he could to get himself back to the shore.

The sea rumbled violently. The waves were so intense that they helped push him. Out of the clashing waters once more, this time two heads emerged. When he had arrived back on shore, the man looked back over his shoulder. A new serpent had arrived. The first, glowing as bright as a star. The new one, however, was completely black, except for a red eye that burned fierce, but seemed to emit no light beyond itself. It would have been nearly impossible to see had the glowing serpent not shown a spotlight on it. The black serpent roared viciously, and the two danced around a moment as the upset waves violently crashed about their bodies. Then, in a split-second strike, the dark sea monster bit the glowing serpent in the neck.

The man with no clothes, small in comparison to the two giant snakes, set off in full sprint into the brush. He was hoping that, in their distraction, he could get away. It seemed as though he might, because the sounds of the struggle in the sea became quieter, and the soothing rhythmic sounds of still nature began to once again fill the air. For the first time, he was able to slow his pace and catch his breath. But now the world was back to darkness.

There was another loud pathetic wailing, but now it was so distant that it sounded like a faraway bird. He looked up into the sky, wondering once more about the absent moon and stars. To his horror, however, he saw the glowing red eye of the black serpent, staring down into the woods from above. As soon as he’d had a chance to catch his breath, he was paralyzed in fear again.